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affordable health insurance plans. This article is also posted

quotemonster. com/health-insurance-article-1. There are a wide range of plans and offerings of affordable health insurance for children and it''s necessary to pick and choose from among the many plans available. For example, if you feel your family may need alternative health options such as massage therapy or acupuncture, you''ll want to make sure your plan covers these choices. Now why on earth are Americans going to a Canadian pharmacy?

With the rising prescription drug costs and the lack of good

affordable health insurance many can''t afford to buy it in

America. Canadian pharmacies often save people as much as 40%,

if not more. For some people, a Canadian pharmacy is the only

way they can afford to get their much needed medication to

survive. Just recently, you can now order from a Canadian

pharmacy online and have it mailed directly to your home. Health insurance isn''t something you can afford to forgo to save a little money. Affordable health insurance plans through your university can end up saving you thousands in medical bills if you do end up in an accident or getting sick. Affordable Health Insurance, an overview

Affordable Health Insurance offers you a wide variety of medical

insurance policies to protect you and your family against the

high costs of health care. Affordable individual health

insurance is likely for all of us who are in need of it. We just

have to do a little homework to understand what is available,

and ask ourselves what we need and what we can afford. Affordable health insurance can be of different types. Does anyone know where I can find good, and affordable health coverage? I have a family of 5 in Tx, and we make decent money but dont have the resources for a group plan. We have to pay 0-0 per month just in regular medical coverage. We are all healthly but, everytime my children get sick its + per visit.. Are there any websites or known insurance agencies that provide any coverage cheap, and good coverage. Thanks a billion.. good night

my husband is contract so group is not offered, and I am 1099.. so the same..

I use Aetna, but then again I live in Pennsylvania. It may be different in your area, but you can check alot about different insurances at Too many unanswer questions: do you have a ductible, is you co-pay, is there a cap., does this include pharmaceuticals, what about prevenative care, does you family have any history of cardiac problems, etc Every state is also different and you might be able to write off you mileage, parking, deductible etc...have you looked an HSA...OK, I highly recommend the book, "Healthcare for Less" by Michelle Katz. I bought it from my local Barnes and Noble after hearing some of the cost saving healthcare tips she gave in Boston and it helped me and my family a ton! The book is easy to read and will help guide you through the process and give you website that you should go to. II chose an HSA after reading the book, because that is what plan was best for me. There are so many resources that this book hits on that it will blow your mind, even for people making an average money.......start by saving all your medical receipts!!!! Good alternative proposal to a National Health? National healths are burdensome on taxpayers, but there are alternatives.

Insurance needs to be available to all at an affordable cost. The best way to accomplish this would be for the government to create a taxpayer group plan and leverage the cost savings available to corporate group plans

Insurance companies are allowed to pay less for medical procedures than persons without insurance. This practice should be outlawed. If doctors/hospitals are willing to take a reduced rate from an insurance company there is no understandable reason why anyone without insurance should pay more. This is a double pricing strategy and unacceptable.

Flexible Spending Accounts are a great idea, but contributions are only good for one calendar year. Amend this to allow contributions to grow and rollover yearly. Thus allowing people to build a medical nest egg in preparation for catastrophic illnesses and old age medical costs.

Havent figured out what to about drug costs.

paulisfree2004: I am not advocating government control or additional legislation regarding insurance companies. Merely a single payer program based on group plan philosophy. I do not owe any debt to Seniors, I owe them the same respect I extend to all. I did not create or enhance poverty. Veterans of which I am one have provided service to this country and yes we owe them a debt. As to free healthcare, another entitlement is not what we need in this country. You amuse me because you say government intervention is bad then propose a massive government program.

Answerman: While I have no love of insurance companies they are subject to constant frivolous litigation which rasies costs for all. I have made no specific diatribe against national health. I said it was burdensome on the taxpayers which it is. Additionally these systems are not as responsive or user friendly as the American health system.

Your concept is not a bad one with a couple of exceptions. Anything the government touches is massively inefficient, wasteful and usually costs way more than it should, which means it is a bureaucracy. Secondly the insurers who are spending millions to buy a seat in congress for democrats will never allow it.

I think you might be better to have a single company supported initially by taxes to compete with the others, in essence a non-profit, overseen by a group of business people who are popularly elected annually to insure no improprieties. This company would improve the competitive market as it does not have to produce a profit, only breakeven. It would be unfair to the others but since they have been unfair to us it would be a nice turn. The other insurers have written the rules, set the prices, done so with little or no competition and are totally supported in their efforts by democrat politicians. Set up something similar without Blue cross and Shield Fing it up. Every legal resident would be given savings account to pay mandatory co-payment or percentage of fee with debit card system. All interest earned on money in savings account would be holder tax free. Motivation to shop for cheapest doctor and use services as infrequently as possible. Medicare would set up its own payment system and pay fee doctors charged. To prevent collusion some price control might be needed but this would not be discounted. Restriction on class two drugs would be eliminated. Medicaid with all its hundred of different titles would be eliminated, VA health care services would be eliminated. Program would monitor healt care providers, after each use user would be given survey to fill out. Those with consistent good comments would play less in mal-practice insurance set up and run by doctors. They would have to determine how many very serious mistakes would be allowed. Ones consistently getting negative comments would have mal-pratice premiums increase.

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